Kindergarten / Overview
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Don't cry because it is over,
smile because it happened.

Thank you for a great year!

 Look in the folder labeled Summer Resources to find activities you can do over the summer. 

Click HERE for other online resources. 

Check out this LEGO Challenge!  

Here are a few websites that I recommend for our class.
              Bedtime Math
           Star Fall            ABCYa 

Scholastic                  Storyline online       

Istation-needs to be downloaded on a computer or iPad. Must add the school domain which is Enterprise-pwcs
Don't forget to add to username to log in

Log in to Clever here. Students will use their Office 365 username and password to log in to Clever. Once logged in, students can access many of the programs we use for instruction. I have sent their login through the emails provided on HUB. If you did not receive an email, I did not have one listed for you. 

Watch this short video tutorial about Clever and how it works. 

Please go to student website and click on Pebble Go. Here you can find Science, and Social Studies. 

Social studies: Being a good citizen; Jobs in the community; Long ago and today; 
Maps: globes, maps, symbols and keys; US Symbols

Under all about money: Goods and services; Needs and wants; Making choices
Under holidays: Independence day; Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Memorial Day; Presidents' Day;
Science: Earth and Space Sciences; Earth Science; Seasons
Life Sciences: Living or Nonliving; Humans: Sense
Physical Sciences: Forces and motions; Light; Matter; Kinds of forces: pushes and pulls; Shapes

Gayle Stengl

Encore Schedule

Day 1   Art   Day 4 Music
Day 2    Library
     Day 5    FLES
Day 3 P.E.
     Day 6  P.E.

Daily Schedule 

9:05 9:15   Arrival/Bell Work
9:15   9:20      Announcement
9:30 10:45      Language Arts
10:50 11:10
11:10 11:40   Lunch
11;40 12:05   Phonics
12;05 12:25   Writing
 12:25  12:45    Math

12:45 1:30   Encore
1:30 2:20   Math
2:20 3:05   Science/Social Studies
 3:05  3:55    Core
 3:55      Dismissal