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Congratulations! We Made It!!!

Look in the folder labeled Summer Resources to find activities you can do over the summer. 

Click HERE for other online resources. 

Check out this LEGO Challenge!  

Please continue to use iStation for both math and reading.

In addition, you can practice reading, writing, and using the sight words. The list is below. 

You can Log In to Clever here. Students will use their office 365 Username and Password to log into Clever. Once logged in, students can access many of the programs we use for instruction. 
Watch this short video tutorial about Clever and how it works.

Enjoy your Summer and I will see you all next Year!
Stay safe and healthy!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions:

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Encore Schedule

Day 1   Library   Day 4 FLES (Spanish)
Day 2    PE
     Day 5    PE
Day 3 Art
     Day 6  Music


Daily Schedule 

9:05 9:15 Arrival/Bell Work
9:20   9:30 Announcement
 9:30  9:35  Greeting/Morning Message
9:35 10:40 Language Arts
10:40 10:55 Recess
11:05 11:35 Lunch
 11:35 12:05   Writers Workshop
12:05 12:25 Phonics
12:25 12:40 Math (calendar Routines)
 12:45 1:30   Encore
 1:30 1:35   Snack
 1:35 2:20   Math
 2:20 3:05   Science/Social Studies
3:10 3:50 Core Extension