Summer is here, and this means time for relaxation and fun. During this time children may become easily board or forget skills gained throughout the school year. Below are some ideas and a list of websites that are free and fun.

  • Grab a handful of items and sort them by color, shape or size.
  • Pick a color for the day and count how many objects you see throughout the day, keep track of it using tally marks.
  • Go hunting for objects around the house that start with a particular letter or letter sound.
  • Give you child a word and ask them to think or a word that rhymes.
  • A deck of cards or a handful of objects is a great way to practice math skills. You can count objects, practice addition, matching, sorting etc.
  • Practice writing letters, numbers, and shapes in sand, flour, or shaving cream.
  • Go a walk and play I-spy.
  • Ask your child to name something and tell you if it is a person, place or thing.


Websites: This is a free website that teaches social skills and problem-solving skills by a character named Howard B. Wigglebottom and his friends. Topics include courage, manners, listening, making friends, and being a good sport. There are online activities, coloring pages and books for children to watch and do.

Please be sure to check the taps  for  additional activities. 

Have a safe and fun summer!

Miss Lockett