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Our Class Website!

Math- we are currently working on patterns, and function tables/input and output tables. Resources for practice on these can be found on our google classroom page.

Reading- we are working on figurative language and analyzing non-fiction text. Please refer to your readworks.org account for practice with these skills. 

Science- we are currently working on light and sound which can be reviewed using science fusion books that were sent home and solpass.org

Geography- we are currently covering the western region. 

Please be referring to our google classroom page for all resources. If you need your login information, please contact me via e-mail at perezjm@pwcs.edu or via text message. 

​I plan to upload some videos of a class read aloud to Google classroom as well. So also be checking for those.

While all work at this time is optional, it is encouraged students do what they can to review previously learned concepts by reading at home independently, or with a buddy. Students also have access to programs to be practicing and reviewing as well. 

Students have access to:
Clever (which has typing.com, istation, etc.)

To log into Clever, it is accessed through student websites, or you can click here. There is also more information about Clever, here

Thank you so much! 

Encore Schedule

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Daily Schedule 

 9:05 9:15   Arrival/Bell Work
 3:55      Dismissal